Here is the full video for Digby and Area

Doctor Recruitment

A secret video coming for Digby

Bad Winter Official Line Dance

Trans World Dance’s Official Line Dance for Bad Winter

Bad Winter

Here is a music video for Lynnea Rose!

Geoff Reads: War Dead

Here is Geoff reading from his 1980s book ART OF WAR

Geoff Reads: With Every Breath We Take

Here is Geoff reading from his book: With Every Breath We Take!

Geoff Reads House Call

Geoff Butler Reading “House Call”

Geoff Butler’s Artist Statement!

Geoff Butler’s Artist Statement!

You can find Geoff on FB and on his website that has a list of his published books!

Running over a deck: Limitless Skate

Here’s Limitless Skate’s new video on testing the Flight deck!

Teaser for Geoff Butler Video Series

Teaser Trailer for a 6 part series on the works of Geoff Butler