Devopro Video offers a range of services for video production and payment is not due until your video is finished!

A. The Corporate Option:

Be it a farm or a dentistry clinic, you need video for your website and FaceBook page. Not only video but high quality professional video that gives you an edge and can easily promote new and existing services/products. Have something that connects with clients on an emotional level that can build customer loyalty in ways text and images cannot. You can also create viral videos that introduce products/services in a soft manner outside of the traditional marketing sphere. This can come in the form of an informational piece or a "how to" video- or even a demo of a new way a product can be used!

(1) This includes a video up to 5 minutes in HD ready for Bluray, youtube, or your website

(2) A 60 second FaceBook header for your Facebook page

(3) A 20 second trailer for your video to help promote it prior to launch

Price: $130CAD per hour (A standard package rate is also available)

B. The Artist Shoot:

Designed for Artists, this one day shoot gives you time between 9:00am to 4:00pm to have whatever is needed shot. This can be idea for small companies that only need limited production for short-run campaigns or simple introductions. This package includes:

(1) A video up to 3 minutes in HD

(2) 25-30 second FaceBook header

(3) A 10 second trailer for your video to help promote it prior to launch

Price: $78CAD per hour

C. Property Listing Video:

Help sell properties with a fantastic video tailored to maximize interest and appeal. A video is almost required now for realty and what better option than to have a team that really understands what a home is and how it can be shown on any size screen. A listing video can be ready for launch the next day!

Price: Starting at $239CAD (Bulk purchase 10 or more @ $249 each, 30 or more @ $200 per video!)

D. Small business Promo Video:

Have a small business like therapeutic massage, teach music, or offer extra science courses? Help promote what you do and show what you have to offer with this economic package. Make it into a demo or instructional video or keep to the traditional introduction format. This package is limited to a half day shoot (4 hours)

Package includes:

(1) A video up to 1.5 minutes in HD

(2) 15 second teaser

Price:$109CAD per hour

We also support businesses expanding into the Chinese market! Your video can be subtitled into Chinese (Mandarin) and even delivered to mainland social media sites! (Translation and distribution fees apply).

*All footage shot becomes property of your company upon receipt of full payment. Must have an external HD or Apple computer for transfer. Prices can vary due to requirments and time required to complete production.