ATTENTION: a downloadable document is coming with more detailed information

The Final Word is a service for those with limited time.

You may have something to tell family and/or friends yet do not want to discuss it directly or you might just want to send a heartful message in the hopes it will ease the stress of your passing. A video message can be presented immediately after death or there could be a delay of a month to a year.

What can be in a video message?

Pretty much anything you want to say; memories, things to people you were always too afriad to say or never found the time, words of wisdom to grandchildren or friends, etc. *Old home movies and photos can also be incorporated into your video message.

A DVD copy of your message can be supplied to an individual like your lawyer or life partner. Should the message be given access to family members living afar, your message can be uploaded to a secure website where they can access the message with a password.

The legnth of a message is between 4-6 minutes. Longer message can be produced for an extended fee.

Unfortunately rant videos or videos that feul existing family fueds will not be able to be produced.


4 minute video that can contain family photos: $197

8 minute video that can contain family photos and home video / 8mm or 16mm film: $349

*Photographs can easily be scanned and included at no extra cost. Old film and video reels may require a separate charge for digitization.